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    We provide business solutions providing support for your team to focus on their skills.

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BIM Implementation

We offer advice on BIM implementation in companies, managing to transform the BIM methodology in to the standards of the companies to improve the internal flow of the whole work team.

BIM Coordination

We offer the coordination service of your projects, achieving to unify all disciplines and suppliers in a single BIM model, achieving a 98% effectiveness of on-construction work.

Planimetry and Constructive Details

We generate planimetries of work with constructive details from a BIM model, achieving a quick and precise reaction to any change of work. We perform on-site or post-accompaniment (laser grammetry) to develop As-Built plans.

Facility Management

We advise and develop a BIM model to LOD 500, with the necessary information to control and manage your entire building for medium or long term.

MIZU Studio

We are a multidisciplinary team among architects, civil engineers, mechanical, electrical and hydro sanitary engineers, achieving an excellent communication with all our clients.

MIZU is a solid and friendly company that offers its clients a personalized service in their projects, therefore, our offices in Bogota and Miami have a working group available for each client.


MIZU is a company dedicated for more than 16 years in offering solutions to the architecture, consultant - ME technical, construction, interventory and architectural visualization.

The BIM department was born 10 years ago by the demand to solve all the daily problems that generate the construction works, achieving an experience of more than 800,000 m2 in residential constructions, offices, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, industrial plants, schools and heritage estate.

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